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Some voluntary agencies work on behalf of disaster
victims (particularly those with special
problems such as a single parent families
with limited resources, the disabled, and
older persons) to obtain needed resources
and services (e.g. home, health care,
translation services, meals on wheels).

Voluntary agencies may also act as advocates
for change by representing the needs of the
community to local and State governments.
  ?Bulk Distribution
Some voluntary agencies purchase and distribute
basic commodities in bulk that are not readily
available at the time of need. These may include
but are not limited to, food, water, health and
sanitary needs, baby and childcare products,
medicines, and bedding.

These supplies cannot be purchased locally
because stores and other merchandising outlets
are closed due to the disaster
  ?Case Management
Some voluntary agencies help individuals complete
the documentation that is required for
assistance and then assist in tracking
that documentation through the Resource
Coordination Committee Process.
Some voluntary agencies establish and
professionally staff temporary childcare
centers for victim of disaster as they deal
with reorganizing their personal affairs.
   ?Clean Up and Rebuilding
Some voluntary agencies do disaster cleanup.
   ?Community Disaster Education
Some voluntary agencies are involved in
community disaster education. For example
they distribute pamphlets and give presentations
to community groups on how to prepare for
disaster or they send speakers to talk with
school children.
   ?Community Outreach
Some voluntary agencies contact individuals
and organizations, such as local businesses and
churches, to educate them about the local
disaster relief operation, the existing,
damage,and the possible ways they can support
the relief effort.
Some voluntary agencies provide individual
and family counseling and emotional support.
   ?Damage Assessment
Some voluntary agencies physically review area
affected by disaster in order to assign a value that
can be used to estimate resources required for
rebuilding or reconstruction.
   ?Debris Removal
Some voluntary agencies provide debris removal
such as mucking out and cutting and clearing
trees from entryways.
   ?Disaster Planning
Some voluntary agencies work with communities
before the disasters occur to help
take steps to minimize the effects of disaster
and prepare.
   ?Donations Management
Many agencies have their own internal systems
for donation management for both cash and
in-kind donations. These systems address,
receiving, transporting, warehousing and
distributing donations during disasters.

The voluntary agencies also work collaboratively
with government agencies to address unsolicited
   ?Elder Care
Some voluntary agencies provide a variety of
support advocacy, casework, counseling, and
entertainment to the elderly population.
   ?Emergency Repairs
Some voluntary agencies provide funds, staff,
equipment, or tools to make emergency repairs
to homes immediately following the disaster
(e.g., placing tarps on roof to avoid further damage
to the home).
    ?Emergency Assistance
Some voluntary agencies provide emergency
assistance immediately following a disaster including
food, clothing, shelter, cleaning supplies,
comfort kits,including first aid, and medical care.
   ?Financial Assistance
Some voluntary agencies provide financial assistance
to local church councils including relief grants,
financial aid, and long-term rehabilitation grants.
    ?Financial Planning
Some voluntary agencies help disaster victims locate
personal financial records, review their current
financial situation and provide advice to help them
recover from the financial
effects of disaster.
   ?Funeral Services
Some voluntary agencies work with local mortuaries
and mortuary associations for funeral services for
families that have lost loved ones in a Disaster
    ?Health Care
Some voluntary agencies use trained volunteers to
provide first aid and CPR to work in shelters and
on disaster sites. They also identify local
health care organizations that can provide
assistance to disaster victims and relief workers.
Some voluntary agencies help locate disaster victims
and provide information to inquiring family
and friends outside the impacted area.
    ?Insurance Advocacy
Some voluntary agencies provide comprehensive
information about the disaster recovery insurance
claim process.
    ?International Services
Some voluntary agencies provide tracing services
when individuals need to locate relatives outside
the United States in times of disaster. Voluntary
agencies may also provide disaster relief assistance
to foreign countries and coordinate assistance from
foreign countries to the U.S. during disasters.

For more information on international disaster relief,
    ?Long Term Recovery
Some voluntary agencies assist to stand up and
facilitate the Long Term Recovery process.
    ?Massage Therapy
Some voluntary agencies arrange for relief workers to
have massages by trained and licensed therapist to
help reduce stress.
    ?Mass Care
Some voluntary agencies provide a variety of mass
care activities. Some of these activities include:
- Identifying and setting up shelter facilities
- Staffing shelters with skilled staff including
feeders, registrars, mental health workers,
and health care providers
- Distributing food and other goods to the shelters
- Feeding disaster victims (either in the shelter
or through mobile feeding units).
- Providing temporary shelter for disaster victims
- Providing housing for disaster relief workers.
- Rending First Aid when necessary
    ?Mental Health
Some voluntary agencies provide professional assistance
to disaster victims and relief workers to alleviate
mental stress and anguish caused either by disaster
or the disaster relief operation
    ?Mitigation Planning
Mitigation planning is a relatively new role for
voluntary agencies. More and more, voluntary agencies
are becoming involved in the mitigation phase of
emergency management by doing such things as:
rebuilding homes outside of flood zones,
retrofitting building in earthquake prone zones,
and educating families on mitigation measures in
the home.
    ?Mobile Feeding
Some voluntary organizations use feeding units to
serve hot meals to disaster victims and relief
personnel on site.
    ?Organizational Mentoring
Some voluntary agencies work with local agencies,
community based organizations, and non-government
organizations that lack disaster experience to help
them develop their abilities and respond effectively
to the needs of disaster victims.
    ?Pastoral Care
Many faith-based voluntary agencies provide spiritual
counseling from clergy. People with serious personal
problems are almost twice as likely to seek assistance
from the clergy as from other counselors. Spiritual
problems such as lack of faith and discouragement are
addressed through active listening and a supporting
presence that communicates care and understanding.
    ?Pet Care
Some voluntary agencies focus on the care of animals
during disaster including reuse, sheltering, and
grieving services for people who have lost pets.

They may also provide resources for different types
of animal food.
    ?Radio Communications
Some voluntary agencies have licensed radio amateurs
to provide emergency radio communication to fellow
agencies and local government personnel who are
responding to the disaster.
Some voluntary agencies provide rebuilding labor.
    ?Relocation Services
Some voluntary agencies help move individuals
and families from damaged areas to shelter and
other temporary or permanent housing facilities.
    ?Resouce Coordination
Before, during and after an emergency or disaster,
voluntary agencies exchange information on the
acquisition and use of personnel and material
resources. This information helps provide for the
effective and efficient allocation of resources
and helps reduce duplication of services.
    ?Sanitation Services
Some voluntary agencies provide portable toilets,
shower units, clean-up kits, comfort kits, or
personal hygiene kits to disaster victims.
    ?Special Needs
Some voluntary agencies assist in identifying
population that has special needs (e.g., the elderly,
disabled, or orphaned; a particular religious group
with special dietary needs).
    ?Technical Assistance
Some voluntary agencies provide telecommunications
and management information systems support to the
emergency management community.
Some voluntary agencies train community-based
volunteers in major response and recovery
activities and provide job skills training to
disaster affected individualsin major response
and recovery activities and provide job skills
training to disaster affected individuals.
   ?Transportation Services
Some voluntary agencies provide transportation
services for disaster victims, particularly
individuals with special needs such as the elderly
and physically disabled. Some of these voluntary
agencies may also use their transportation means
to bring donated goods from outside the disaster
area to areas in need.
  ?Voluntary Assistance
Some voluntary agencies provide trained volunteers to
support response and recovery activities and
coordinate spontaneous, unaffiliated volunteers.
  ?Voluntary Services
Voluntary agencies provide many services to their
volunteers some of which include:
- Recruiting and training volunteers
- Matching volunteers’ skills to the needs of
individuals and the community
- Providing housing and meals to volunteers
- Counseling volunteers to help relieve the
stress of disaster operations
- Placing spontaneous volunteers within their
organizational structure
Some voluntary agencies locate and set up central
locations for storing and organizing donated goods
including food, clothing, and medical supplies, etc.
211 San Diego             «               «                                                        
Amateur Radio Emergency Services  San Diego                                                               «             «        
American Red Cross San Diego « « «     « « « «   « « «         « « «   «     « « « « « «   «     « «   « «   « «  
CERT North County           « «       « «                                     « «     «         «   «  
CERT Ramona           « «       «       «                   «             «             «     «  
Council of Community Clinics           «         «         «     «             « «                     « «        
CRT (Community Recovery Team) «   «       «                                           «                            
ElderHelp of San Diego «   «     «             «                                   «       «         «   «  
Feeding America SD   «                         «                                                       «
HOPE Coalition America     «     «         «           «                                                    
Interfaith Community Services «   «       «         «   « «                                                   « «  
International Relief Teams         «             «     «                   «                               « «  
Jewish Family Services of SD «   «     « « «     «   «   « «                   «       «         «   «       «    
Lutheran Social Services of the SW     «     «   «     «       « «                           «                          
Nazarene Disaster Response         «   «     «           «                                                 «    
North Coast Calvary Chapel                             «                             «                          
PetCo Foundation           «         « «     «                         «     «           «       « «  
Presbytery of San Diego       « «             «                                                              
RB United Coalition «           «                                                       «                
Rescue Task Force   «                   «     « «           «                                     «    
Ramona Outback Amateur Radio Society (ROARS)           «         «                                         «                      
San Diego Sheriff's Department                             «                                       «           « «  
Save the Children «         «         «                           « «                     «   «        
Southern Baptist Disaster Reilef         «       «                         «           «       «                      
Southwestern REACT of SD Co.                                                               «                      
The Salvation Army «   «   « «         « «     « « « «   «   «     « «   « «     «             «       «
TIP San Diego               «                                                                      
Tzu Chi Foundation   «         «       « «     « «     «           «                                   «
United Jewish Federation of SD Co.           « «       «                               «   «           «     «          
United Policyholders «         « «                           «   «                               «        
United Way of San Diego County                               «                                                      
Volunteer San Diego «                                                                                 «  
San Diego Co. HHSA, Behav Health Svcs                                                   «